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3 Keys For Successfully Working From Home

The idea of working full-time from home is a dream for many women around the world. This is especially true for those who get easily fed up with bureaucracy, office politics, and impositions on their schedule that often comes with traditional workplaces. Furthermore, women with families can have immense pressure put on them by a 40 to 50-hour workweek outside the home. That said, working from home does have its challenges. Let’s take a look at some keys to successfully working from home. 

First of all, Get Dressed…

Ok, you might be laughing right now…probably because you know what I’m talking about. It’s really easy to slack off and stay in your pajamas when you don’t have to see anyone. That said, doing this can be a huge disconnect between you and taking your work or business seriously. And, if you don’t take it seriously, why should anyone else.

So, do yourself a favor and trade in your PJs or those Grey’s Anatomy Active Scrubs for a blouse and slacks. Dress in something that seems “work appropriate” every morning, both in order to reinforce that you’re actually a professional and have a job to do, and also to maintain a sense of structure and basic self-respect. Ok, you can keep your jeans on occasionally, but act as though you care about what you look like.

Keep a Schedule

One issue with working from home is keeping a consistent schedule. This is especially challenging for those who own their own business and have a family. The lines between work and family become blurred easily, as the demands of both are real and in your face 24/7.

When there is no “clocking out time,” and when your office is in the same building as your bedroom, it’s not surprising that working late becomes a regular thing. On the other hand, it’s also easy to get pulled into the TV, social media, your children’s spats, and your neverending housework. These distractions, without a schedule, can take a toll on a growing small business. Make a point to keep set hours for work and home activities. 

Be Accountable

Accountability is a big issue when you’re working from home. Truthfully, you may not realize just how dependent you were on bosses and supervisors to keep you on track. If this is the case, it will become necessary to create some accountability for yourself and even someone else. You can try various things to see what works best for you.

This could mean not actually working “from home,” but rather from a co-working space nearby. Or, it could mean signing an “accountability contract” with someone you trust. Or keeping timesheets for your own use. Having a business coach could come in handy for this situation as well.


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