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3 Things To Understand About Women And Alcoholism

The majority of women want families but many are waiting until later in life to even start. Having a successful career has arrived at the top of the list of things to accomplish in our youth. That said, a large number of women find themselves juggling both a family and a career. This lifestyle has become commonplace and even expected for millions of American families. Unfortunately, however, for some of these busy moms, life can become stressful. So much so that they turn to alcohol or even drugs to calm down from their day. Quality sleep, peace, and mental stability come at the cost of potential addiction and health crisis. Here are some things you need to understand about women and alcoholism.

Women And Alcoholism #1: What Is Happening and Why?

Women are juggling motherhood with full-time work in a competitive environment. This alone is enough to push them over the edge with stress and physical and mental exhaustion.  One such case is the woman who struggles to keep up with both worlds of raising her family and maintaining her position at her job. She comes home after work and, as soon as she shuts the door, the next job begins. She finds a glass or two of wine to be comforting. Slowly this becomes a habit.

This common scenario isn’t normally red-flagged as being wrong or a problem because it is what keeps her at peace. The kids and significant other are happy when mom is happy. She may keep drinking and more frequently, thinking that it’s all good with her life. Sort of a don’t-rock-the-boat way of coping. The more she drinks, however, the less likely she will feel the pain from things that have gotten out of control or tainted by her negligence.

Women And Alcoholism #2: When It Consumes You and the Family

Alcohol addiction is a serious issue that takes guts to confront for anyone, especially for a mother. The process that is necessary to overcome alcohol addiction is often lengthy and complicated. She will worry about things like who will care for the children if she is out of the picture.  The family, employers, and friends will need to be flexible and understand that she needs help. There will be many changes for everyone. That’s why treatment and alcohol rehab isn’t just about quitting drinking but changing the lifestyle. Though it may not always be necessary, getting away from work and home might help with addiction and other stress-related symptoms.

Women And Alcoholism #3: Finding the Balance

There’s nothing wrong with chasing a career alongside raising a family. However, pushing too hard too fast has consequences. Balancing the two without significant help can lead to highly stressful days, weeks and months. However, this pattern can be changed with some simple shifts. Families have found greater balance by changing one or both parent’s schedules, hiring help, or reducing expenses. 

It’s important to understand what the priorities are so everyone can help out when needed. Talk about stressors with your family as soon as they come up. This will help prevent self-soothing activities that may not be serving your best interest. If alcohol has become a regular part of your week, first acknowledge any potential addiction issues. Consider why it is important to you. Also, ask yourself if there are other things that might help you to feel at peace. Making small changes can make a large impact on your lifestyle and health.

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