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How Work Can Disrupt Your Personal Life

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Stress, stress, stress…we hear women often say nowadays-Yes! Our lives become  so mechanical sometimes we rarely find time to breathe, eat and sleep. Stress may not be a big issue at first, but as time goes by, it can devastate your life for sure. I’m a busy bee and tend to work odd hours in the office just for the mere pleasure of working! Yes, I do! I was a workaholic and there was nothing I could do about it.

How It Began

Work was my life. I was passionate about doing new things, expanding my boundaries, and doing the impossible! That adrenaline rush was something that kept me going on and on and there was no end to it. But there came a time when I had to take a step back and look behind at what I had lost in the process. I knew something was amiss; it eluded me.

No Gain Without Pain

I was quite happy with the way things were going in my office as I got promoted and a salary hike. On the other hand, my marriage started to crumble. I did not notice until it was too late. My husband complained that I was not spending enough time at home and asked me to quit the job. Just imagine my surprise!  Our fights turned ugly and finally broke up my marriage. Life shattered into a million pieces.

After this incident, I tried my best to come out of the situation, but could not. The work that I loved doing turned into something that I hated. I had to quit the job. I treated everyone badly and shut myself away from the rest of the world. My head ached…stressed to the core. At one stage, I was taken to the hospital when my blood pressure went up.

Health Down the Drain

Due to stress, my bones became weak, my eyesight poor, and other complications arrived. I was put on a diet for one week, as depression set in and caused overeating. The doctors at the hospital took good care of me.  A slow recovery, though.

Being strong at heart, I wanted to be myself again. Meditation was the only thing that helped relax my mind and body. As I meditated, my mind cleared and I was able to feel the change.  I started doing other therapies to overcome depression and stress. A few months passed and I was then ready to face the world once again!

Lesson Learned… The Hard Way

Even though it was a bitter life experience, I did learn from it. Work and personal life have to be balanced. If you are a hard worker, you must spend time with your family. Money can be earned at any point in life, but family is something that cannot be left behind.

My Miracle

Things were going well for me again.  One fine day my ex-husband came to the office. Bubbling with happiness, I ran to him and cried. We spoke for about two hours and decided to give our marriage a second chance. Now, I can proudly say I have successfully balanced both my personal life and career.   Family comes first. Balancing the various parts of your life is something you must do to be happy.





Identifying Stressors by Kellie R. Stone

Diet Stress or Stressful Diet? by Dr. Terri Hawkins


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