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Living Off-Grid: What About Water?

Living off-grid is becoming more popular as our world gets more challenging to navigate. This process in its most basic form involves becoming self-sufficient when …

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4 Ways To Get Better At DIY Home Projects

As a homeowner, you don’t exactly want your home to just feel like a boring box. Most of us would agree that to enjoy your …

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3 Important Reasons To Have Tools At Home

If you’re not interested in DIY, and you don’t enjoy using tools, you probably don’t keep many, if any, in your home. Many women think …

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Some women believe that in order to improve their homes, they have to start some huge expensive projects. The truth is there are some simple …

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5 Ways To Get Smooth Healthy Feet In Winter Months

Our feet put up with some pretty harsh abuse. After all, they suffer through high heels, workouts, the toy killing fields of our children, the …

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3 Ways To An Extraordinary Wedding On A Budget

Your wedding day should be one of the most important and memorable events of your life. And, while I am one for going all out …

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