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5 Strategies To Build Greater Self-Confidence

The road to building self-confidence does not offer a simple, straight trip. Instead, it is a winding lifelong path that brings us to experience many …

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5 Musts To Live A Positive, Fulfilling Life

In most self-development circles, it's believed that if you change the way you perceive yourself, you can change your life. The key here is self-awareness. You have to know what you believe about yourself, why you believe it, and how it is affecting your life. Any negative thoughts and beliefs can create a life that is lackluster, painful, and full of regret. However, it isn't always easy to change these rogue beliefs. You must go through a process that often can bring up painful emotions. This is why so many women avoid it. As a life and business coach, I deal with clients' limiting beliefs and help them to see themselves from a different perspective. Here are my top 3 musts to live a positive, fulfilling life.

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