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9 Health Checks You Don’t Want To Skip

This year has shown all of us how important it is to look after our health and immune system. Of course, a lifestyle change can …

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Staying Connected To Your Doctor In Difficult Times

As women, from the moment we start menstruating, our lives can be health minefields. With fluctuating hormones all throughout life, sexual health, and reproductive issues,  …

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5 Top Reasons To Take Care Of Your Hearing

Are you surprised to hear that more Americans report getting a colonoscopy than a hearing test? Unfortunately, too many people wait years before they acknowledge …

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4 Heart-Health Essentials For Women

Though awareness about women’s heart health is increasing, less than half of women are concerned about it. Heart disease kills 1 in 4 women in …

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5 Tips To Prevent Hearing Loss

Preventing hearing loss may not be on everyone’s mind, considering it’s one of those things we may take for granted. The other thing is that …

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More Instant Health Boosters: Prevention

With H1N1 on the rise and hitting much too close to home for my liking (2 people have died from it in my state recently), I thought it was a good time to flex some preventative muscle. Here are 10 more instant health boosters that you can apply today, or at least this week.

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