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5 Fulfilling Benefits Of Being A Wedding Planner

As I have been a wedding/event planner, I understand first hand just how fulfilling it can be. I will, however, insert a full disclosure here: …

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Could A Long Engagement Be Better For Your Relationship?

A speedy engagement might be the best choice for some people, depending on their situation. But there are many couples who believe a long engagement could be just the thing to ensure that their relationship lasts. Is it possible that spending more time in the in-between state of engagement can make your relationship stronger? Let's take a look at some strong points in favor of it.

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Wanna Get Married In 2017? 4 Tips To Get Things Rolling

Are you always the bridesmaid and never the bride? Do you find yourself waiting, hoping and praying that your partner is going to ask that all-important question? Is it your turn? If you have answered yes to these questions then, perhaps, now is the time to take that next step with your partner and make 2017 the year you get married. But how do you go about doing that? Easy! I thought I would share with you some ideas on how you can take the next step in your relationship. I hope it inspires you to get things moving along.

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