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Women’s Sexual Health: 3 Musts To Keep You Safe

Many bloggers feel uncomfortable about discussing sexual health issues, and that’s something we need to change. If we don’t get "real" and open up about what can go wrong, women will continue to get sick. STIs and STDs can ruin lives and leave people infertile. Fortunately, they are mostly preventable with some precautions and common sense. Women's sexual health should be a priority for us all. I've compiled a short list of 3 musts to keep you safe.

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How to Pump Up your Sensual Theme Hotel Experience

When staying in a theme hotel you might consider bringing outfits for playing out your favorite roles. In Le Cave (see my previous article) we could have worn skins, comic book outfits, pirate clothing, or even spelunker outfits. Let your imagination go and get the most out of your experience. Even body painting would work if you want a real raw experience. Just make sure to remove the mess in the shower before hitting the whirlpool.

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Fantasuite Theme Hotel Review (Caveman fantasy anyone?)

This is part 1 of an ongoing quest to bring you the sexiest places to play, with or without a partner. I'm rating for service, atmosphere, cleanliness, technology, and total spice factor. Under The Magnifying Glass: Fantasuite Hotel, Greenwood Indiana. A cave fantasy can take you from over the top gorgeous vampire gowns to primitive bits of torn leather. Whether you want to play vampiress or be thrown over a man's shoulder this will provide a romantic and sensually intense backdrop.

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Have a Sexier Valentine’s Naturally

For the ♥LOVE WEEK♥ version of Doc Talk, we are going to take a look at some advice on sprucing up your libido just in time for Valentine's Day. Just don't forget to consult with your health care provider before starting any new health practices. Dr. Cathy Wong, ND, CNS, is a licensed naturopathic doctor and an American College of Nutrition-certified nutrition specialist. The author of The Inside-Out Diet: 4 Weeks to Natural Weight Loss, Total Body Health, and Radiance has some interesting tips for bringing out your best in the bedroom.

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Journey to Sexual Freedom

I don’t mind saying I have the best sex life ever. Probably better than anyone else’s. I know that sounds egotistical, but that is how content I am, with where I am, in that area in my life. I’ve achieved the pinnacle of success in that area of my life. But not before I swam through a lot of dry flavorless valleys. Actually I wasn’t swimming; I was pretending to doggy paddle and really drowning.

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