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Uncover Your Superpowers!

Rock Your Feminine Type™ Coaching and Branding
“Rock YOU!” Session – $99

Discover your power & potential by unlocking your unique FEMININE TYPE.

Are you a Diva or a Sweetheart, a Seeker or a Saint, a Muse or a Success Girl, an Excellence Girl or a Goddess Geek?

bookryftYOU GET:

1.) The book, Rock Your Feminine Type™ To Rock Your Business by Joy Balma
2.) A 1-hour POWER PERSONALITY POWWOW that shines a light on your feminine genius, your biz type, your superpowers, your shadow & your highest business potential.
3.) Understand what makes you UNIQUE so you can ROCK YOU!


I.G.N.I.T.E. Personal Coaching Package – $977

I refuse2YOU GET:

● Free Rock Your Feminine Type™ “Rock YOU!” Session and book! (Value $99)
● 6-one hour personal coaching sessions, designed to wake up your inner baddass and promote unfiltered living.

I = Ignition

G= Groove

N= No Excuses

I= In It To Win It!

T= Transformation

E= Emancipation

Rock Your Feminine Type™ Coaching and Branding
“Rock YOUR BIZ!” $1,997

me44colorYOU GET:

● 8-1 hour consultations to BRAND ENLIGHTENMENT With the Rock Your Feminine Type™ Branding Method

Who are you? A Nurturer, a Leader, an Expert or a Creative?

Who is your IDEAL CLIENT? You need to know. No more guessing or watered down messaging that doesn’t work! This program is for the woman ready to TRANSFORM her brand so it attracts and communicates with her Ideal client.
We meet for 8 weeks, once a week, to build your Rock Your Feminine Type™ Brand portfolio including style, copy and images that speak right to the heart of your ideal client.

There is simply nothing else like this program!
“A woman’s brand reveals her own evolution—the work she has done to know her-self.” ~Joy Balma Click To Tweet

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