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Women…Creative Creatures

Women…Creative Creatures

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Guest Post by Lindsey

Nature has made women creative creatures. Inside of each of us, there is a spark of strength and beauty that is unique to our gender. And for many of us, finding an artistic outlet is the way we make sense of our lives. Whether we paint, write, take pictures or make crafts, creativity is an integral part of the way we communicate with the world.

But keeping that spark alive can sometimes be a challenge. Obligations to work, school or our children can become a drain on time and energy, leaving us unable to devote attention to our creative activities. Sometimes, the pressure of performing can freeze us, leaving us feeling vulnerable. And it’s up to you to overcome those obstacles by identifying them and working through them. It’s hard, but it can be done.

There aren’t enough hours in the day…

Women are expected to manage work, a home life and even school without breaking a sweat—and most do with grace. But if you’re also trying to fit in time to work on your own personal projects, carving out those free hours can seem impossible. By the time you’ve ended your day your natural spark of creativity may be weary and dim.

Time management is an essential tool for any woman with multiple responsibilities, but it’s crucial if you’re hoping to continue your creative efforts. If you find yourself drained by your job, commit to doing no work at all once you get home. Not everyone has the luxury of being off the clock once they leave the office, but do what you can to find a way to set your work stress aside when you get home.

Clearing your mind and getting ready for creative activity is also important. Meditation—or even just taking ten minutes to sit quietly and breathe deeply—can help you transition from work mode to creative mode. Learning to separate your job life from your home life is a difficult skill, but it’s valuable.

Integrating your creativity into your everyday life

Education is the key to self-fulfillment, even for your personal creative pursuits. Learning more about the history and techniques of your art can give you a fuller understanding of your craft and make you a better artist. Taking classes at your local arts society or pursuing an online education can give you a fuller understanding of your chosen passion. If you’re a writer, find a writers’ circle; if you’re an artist, find an artists’ workshop. The Internet has also become fertile ground for budding artists and artists’ communities; find a message board or blog that encourages discourse and feedback.

Finally, make your personal creative passion a part of your everyday life. Be sure to communicate with your spouse about needing “me time” to work on your personal projects. If you have children, make them a part of your creative outlet: recruit them to help you with gathering materials, or give them their own arts and crafts projects to explore while you’re working. Making your creative aspirations a family affair can turn into quality time with your kids.

Taking control of your creativity will require you to make changes in your life. If you want to nurture the artistic part of yourself, make an effort to give yourself the time, space and abilities to be the best self you can be.

Lindsey loves writing about education and enjoys keeping up with trending topics. She is working to get her graduate degree at the moment! She also finds joy in being creative in many realms of her life.

Be Beautiful-Be Creative-Be Happy!

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