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3 Tips For Navigating Post-Wedding Chaos

Couples can spend so much time planning the wedding itself, but it’s far less common to plan what happens after the wedding. The first few days after the wedding and the ones after returning from the honeymoon can be stressful and even confusing. The good news is that with some planning and attention, navigating post-wedding chaos doesn’t have to be stressful. This fresh time together can be as blissful and fulfilling as the engagement and big event. Here are several tips to get you started.

Take Care of Business First

post-wedding chaosOne of the things I recommend doing first is taking care of buisness as it comes up. Navigating wedding chaos means stopping it before it has a chance to muck up your new life together. File marriage paperwork, change bank accounts, and get any name or address changes filed with the appropriate agencies.

It’s best to send out thank you notes as soon as possible. This needs to include a thank you for attending the wedding, and another message on the card to say thank you for the gift they purchased for you. It is important that you name the gift to make it personal and to acknowledge your appreciation. Sending thank you notes can feel tedious, but between the both of you, it shouldn’t take too long. Just do it sooner than later.

Dealing With After Wedding Blues

Whenever we experience an event that takes our heart and soul to plan and execute, there can be a let down when it’s over. Dealing with that crash or the after wedding blues can be tough, especially if you’re not expecting it. Ater all, pulling off the wedding of your dreams or a simple trip to the courthouse is a big deal for you both. Know that feeling a range of emotions is normal, It’s going to be okay, just give your body, mind, and spirit time to catch up reality. During this time, talk about how you are feeling and lean on each other.

Preserve Your Special Day

post-wedding chaosWork on preserving your special day with pros that know what their doing. Your photographer, videographer, and even your guests have held important roles in preserving special moments. Make sure to ask to see all photos taken. As well as the snapshots, you’ll want to make sure special items are cleaned and preserved. Many brides use a wedding gown care specialist to ensure their items are secure for years to come. Consider how any additional beloved items can be preserved properly.

Though your special day will pass, post-wedding chaos and blues are real and could show up on your doorstep. It’s important to prepare yourself for any bumps in the road after you tie the knot. These feelings are real and deserve ackowledgement and attention. Take care of yourself, each other, and all that will preserve your special day. We wish you the very best of luck, and hope you don’t find post-wedding chaos to be too difficult.

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