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wardrobe staples for every woman

5 Wardrobe Staples For Every Woman

Our goal with this short article is to focus on wardrobe staples for every woman. Many women don’t have a clue how to curate their wardrobe correctly to have a collection of timeless outfits. Ultimately, you need certain items so you can mix and match. Fortunately, these staple pieces are usually easy to find, fit, and go with just about anything. Here are five wardrobe stables to consider adding to your wardrobe as a woman of any age.

The Little Black Dress

The first thing to have in your wardrobe is that little black dress at whatever length you feel comfortable with. It is a timeless classic most women of any size and age find flattering. A quality LBD has the potential to last for years and has a simplicity and elegance that is unsurpassed in fashion. It is also suitable for a variety of occasions and time of day. You can wear  one to a business meeting with a blazer, a wedding, cocktail party, or for a date confidently. To make it work for both evening and day you should make sure you choose a dress with a cut that flatters your body type, is not too short, and is your style. 

A Great Blazer

When choosing a piece that you plan to wear with many things, for best results, know how to pick out a great blazerWhile scouring the racks for a blazer make sure to try on different styles and cuts before you decide on something. Feel free to buy more than one if you find it hard to decide between them. Also, don’t rush to select a color because it’s your favorite for other things like walls and your car. Carefully consider  whether it looks great against your skin tone and just on your body in general. However, there are some staple colors that mix and match with anything. Try neutrals like black, white, cream, navy, or gray.

Classic Denim Jeans

wardrobe staples for every womanA great pair of denim jeans cannot be overstated. They are essential because they can be dressed up or down, be worn for many occasions and will last for years with proper care. Denim is one of the most durable and versatile materials out there, and you can choose cuts, colors, and styles that fit your personality and style. You can spend a lot on new desiger pairs or go to the thrift store and look for vintage treasures. Which ever is perfectly acceptable, just make sure they fit well and you love them! 

A Pullover Hoodie

A pullover hoodie is one of those wardrobe staples for every woman that you might not think you want or need…well, until you do. They are masterful at function by keeping you warm during a miltitude of functions and form by being layerable and stylish. You can get classic pullover hoodies from online specials like the Deso Supply Co.warehouse sale. They are also quite plentiful at most clothing stores and thrift markets. If you choose the right color and cut, you can pair it with many outfits and look stylish.

A Classic White Shirt 

A classic white shirt is another wardrobe staple for every woman that gives multiple chances for stylish wearing. This is one of those items that will effortlessly pair with just about any outfit, colors, and styles. Whether you are doing button down shirts or you want to have a softer type of blouse, a classic white shirt is something you will never regret owning. Ifact, I recommend having more than one that vary in style and formality. 


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