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5 Ways To Avoid Relationship Con-Artists

With online dating exploding, the risk of getting into a dangerous situation is far higher than it ever has been in the past. We’re not meeting each other in person anymore, raising the risk of scams and other forms of exploitation. Therefore, if you’re dating new people or considering hooking up, be certain you know who you’re allowing into your relationship world. Being careful will help you avoid relationship con-artists and stay safe. Here are some musts to play safe and smart in the dating game.

Know What You Want

avoid relationship con-artistsStart by clearly knowing what you want to accomplish from dating. Do you want a lasting relationship or just a good time? Of course, this might change along the way, so be aware of your  goals as you proceed into the dating pool. I recommend that you define what type of person you’d like to date. Having standards for yourself also protects you against trusting the wrong person Bottom line, you want someone who respects and treats you accordingly. The right person might encourage and motivate or make you laugh or feel alive. Think about what traits and actions are a deal-breaker from the beginning. This strong awareness will naturally tell you who to pursue or not pursue

Look For Red Flags

avoid relationship con-artistsYou’ll also want to look for some of the more common red flags. These can provide an early warning signal that you might be headed for trouble. Be weary of people who say one thing but do another. Also, watch out for “love bombing.” If you notice someone is being extreme in their affections toward you, take it with a grain of salt. They might be trying to manipulate you. 

Maintain Boundaries

During these encounters, it is also essential to maintain boundaries. Showing your date or partner when they’ve crossed the line is fundamental to keeping safety and respect as a priority. You may also want to ask them to provide an insight into their actions or words if they’ve not respected you. 

Boundaries can be for various things and can either be strong and should not be crossed at all cost or mild and negotiable. It could be something like not texting you in the middle of the night or only allowing them to stay at your home after a couple of months into the relationship. A healthy relationship, even at the beginning, will have boundaries in place that define where it stands. A respectful person who truly cares or has genuine interest in you won’t challenge you about boundaries in a relationship. 

Avoid Explicit Messaging

Don’t send explicit messages or photos to people you are interested in dating or don’t know well. The implications of sexual extortion can be severe. Instead, at least wait until you meet them in person several times and get to know them. If somone asks for sexy pics right away or early on, it could be a bad sign that they aren’t on the up and up. Of course, there’s a place for these messages with secure relationships, but you need to be careful. You have to trust someone before you take any risks like that. 

It’s also a good idea throughout the new relationship to be clear about what you want. Don’t fall into the trap of being ambiguous. Talk openly from the beginning to avoid relationship con-artists. The other person should be receptive to this type of conversation. You want them to be open to your perspectives and willing to make sacrifices along the way. Trust me, they won’t stick around if they know you’re on to their scheme.



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