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My Path To Inspirational Women

While I have written about a lot of amazing women, most of whom have fought and won against some form of adversity or another in their lives and are now reaching for the stars, I have also found that people are asking how I find these people – and if I am practicing what I preach. In other words, am I a victim of bullying and how did I cope? So I thought that I’d make a slight detour here and tell you all about me!

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Just The Way You Are

It was two-thirty in the morning when she sent me the message. I could feel her stress and fear even though it was a digital communication. “I am tired of living a lie, a double life…I am gay,” she confessed. Her declaration did not move me, but her sadness and fear did. I felt sorry that she had not been able to truly be herself in this world without experiencing hate and ridicule from others. Individuality is at the core of our existence and the pursuit of it a path no other should ever block.

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