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Everyday a Holiday!

Delight in each day! There is something that is going to happen today that should be celebrated. You woke up. Maybe you were able to witness the sunrise? Even if you did not see it, it happened and it was a magnificent painting of wonderment. Even if nothing out of the ordinary happens all day long there is going to be thousands of stars shining brightly down on you tonight asking you in a twinkle, "What will you do tomorrow?" "Which star will you wish on tonight"? "What will you be celebrating tomorrow?"

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Celebrate Life!

There is so much to be grateful for. The sunrise, the sunset, the air we breathe, the freedoms and quality of life we have, the friends and family we are able to share time with, the fact that we have time to share...the list goes on and on. BUT there are days when nothing seems to go right. Days you are lucky if positive energy doesn't get zapped into the ground, leaving you a pile of negativity.

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