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4 Immune-Boosting Tips To Live Longer And Stronger

 The most important thing that contributes to a long and strong life is your immune system. It has an enormous job that requires much energy …

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5 Bedtime Mistakes That Hurt Your Health

Routines can bring comfort and stability to our lives. That said, our habits aren’t always good for us. In fact, there are several things that many people do before hitting the sheets that are actually detrimental to their health. Take a look at my top 5 that can be sneaky but oh so damaging.

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10 Easy Steps To Losing Weight Without Lifting A Finger

Regular readers of my blog know that, when I put my head to something, I try as hard as I possibly can to execute. I have been doing it with my health for quite a while, and I am happy with the results I am getting. Still, there are times when I cannot get out of bed, let alone do a full workout. This is the life of someone carting around a stowaway like MS. Some days are like that, and they are the ones that affect your health and weight the most. So, I do something every day, even if it's just wall push-ups or marching in place. I've also discovered that there are some kick ass things you can do for your health and weight management that don't require a lot of physical effort. In fact, some days I don’t need to lift a finger!

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