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4 Ways To Be Happier As You Age

be happier as you age

Life can be so challenging that you might find yourself in a slump. The good news is there are doable changes that can positively impact …

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5 Tips For Keeping Peace Of Mind During The Pandemic

Many people have lost their health and lives all over the world due to Covid19. Additionally, mental and emotional strain are becoming commonplace, as we …

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3 Life-Changing New Year’s Resolutions You Want To Make

With the new year approaching, the age-old practice of making positive resolutions may be prodding you. Though I don’t really make the typical resolutions, I …

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Giving Thanks

This is going to be a short note tonight but it is from the heart. It Is almost Thanksgiving and time for each of us to spend some time in gratitude – for all of our blessings, yes, because we have them even when we forget them. I ask ya’ll also though, to give thanks for the lessons, the heartaches, the pain and frustration as well because each effort to us, of us, for us and because of us is a thumbprint in the universe, unique to us and those in our lives and who cross our paths. Every moment we spend, alone or together has meaning and consequence.

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The Buddha Bowl

How do you express your wishes to whom or whatever you hold faith in...Universe/Source/God? How do you express your gratitude? Have you ever considered that those expressions are imperative? About 7 years ago on a visit to one of my oldest and dearest friends, we went to a pottery painting place. They had all kinds of pieces that you could paint to your liking and then they would glaze and fire them. Generally they were ready for pick up within a week. It was a great evening, filled with laughter,paint, and messy hands!

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