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3 Major Ways To Protect Your Business Ideas

We all get great ideas from time to time but don’t always follow through with them. However, if your idea is based on your business …

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I Is For Inspiration

This is INSPIRATION Day- the first component of I.G.N.I.T.E. week! Call it the beginning of a new life chapter, a fire in its early stages, the birth of anything and everything you desire. We can't do or create anything without it. That, my friends, is why it is first in this series/program. If you were my coaching client, I would first ask you to describe in detail what inspires you, what gets you all goose bumpy and excited to do something new or even a little scary. So, we'll just say you all are my mini-clients...

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Ideas: A Poem for Introspective Sunday

They cut, They bleed, They plant an unexpected seed. They smile, They frown, They love, They hate, Sometimes a better person they make. They rise, …

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Finding the Time

Time...the most precious resource that we have at our disposal. Well, not to say that we should be throwing it away. In fact, we need to rein it in, tame it, and make better use of it. If only there was twenty-five hours in a day, I could do so much more. Maybe it isn't that we need to do more; maybe we need to find out what is truly important, what is not, and make changes accordingly.

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