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3 Fantastic Careers For Someone With Creative Talent

If you are looking for a job, where you can design your own kick ass path, you probably have a creative personality type. Creative types find that creating comes easily, and they usually can't see living life without shaping and molding the world in some way.You might be wondering what type of career would fit your superpowers as a creative and satisfy your innovative vibe. You need a job that allows you to stretch those creative muscles and design something completely original. And, when you find that fitting job or career, there is no holding you back! Do you want to be the next woman to leave your creative mark on society? Here are some career choices to consider.

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Remember the balance beam in the school yard? Did you walk on it, balancing with your arms out from your side in the air? What about the lines on the sidewalk that you would walk like a tightrope? It was all about feeling the success of walking the line without falling off. We all have experienced that bliss of success. We also all know how it feels to "fall" and be in the topsy-turvey moments. How did you handle it when you fell off the balance beam? Did you criticize yourself? Did you swear to never get up on that thing again? Or, did you get right back up and take the risk of falling off again? Maybe a little of both? But here is the nitty-gritty: Each choice we make has a purpose. Life requires moments of imbalance in order to find the perfect balance.

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Life With A Twist

Ahhhhhh summertime! I just love ice clinking in a glass and then adding the lemonade. Wait. I am not done. I would also like a slice of lime, a slice of lemon, a cherry - stem on because it looks so much more decadent that way, and a sliced strawberry. Oh sure...add a slice of orange and some pineapple too. What do you mean, "That's not lemonade?" It is lemonade...with a twist.

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