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4 Ways To Create A Balanced And Happy Home For Kids

Providing a happy home life for your children is likely a priority and something you will work hard to accomplish. Whether you’ve just become a …

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3 Ways To Reduce Worry And Feel More Relaxed

Unfortunately, women can be the chronic worriers of the family. After all, we tend to have our hands in many areas of life, including work, …

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5 Fun Things To Do For Empty-Nester Moms

Kids leaving home is a bittersweet time for both moms and dads.  You’ve done the hard part by raising them to be responsible adults. It’s …

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5 Important Things To Teach Your Daughter

Though I'm not claiming to be an expert in child development, I think having and raising 6 children (3 of which are grown, successful women) puts me in the ball park to at least give a little advice. Raising 5 girls has been a life-changing experience for me. I've seen my strengths and, of course, my weaknesses as they impact my girls. Over the years I've realized there are certain things that girls need to know in order to be strong, happy women. Here are my top 5 lessons to teach your daughter (preferably before she gets to college).

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Remembering Mom

My Own Loss Ten years ago today, I slept on a pull out bed with my husband and children the night we chose to stay at the hospice care facility where my mother spent her last days. There was nothing unusual about the night, nothing to prompt our need to be there anymore than the night before.

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