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3 Things You Can Do To Find Greater Happiness

In the effort to define our lives and figure out what will make us happy, we as humans often walk many paths on our way …

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6 Powerful Stress Busters To Implement Now

In considering what to do to beat stress, you must consider¬†how bad stress is for your health. Yes, a little stress is normal and may …

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See the Seen

What I mean is.... there are MANY things in life that we look at. We have looked at them so much, it becomes second nature to ignore them. For instance: The clouds... We know they are there most days so we do not take in the different shapes that could be talking to us. A dragon, an angel, a dog chasing a mouse. Yes, you read it correctly. A dog. Clouds don't care! Then you have the vast array of stars you may have glanced at a few weeks or months ago, but with all your business, you have been looking forward and not very often up. I looked up last night and found thousands and thousands of diamonds crying out for attention! I just stared in wonder at the beauty of them all. Big dipper, little dipper. Orion's belt. The North Star. We looked for them as kids. Have you looked at how big the moon is? With our naked eye, so many things are seen but not admired even though we may have admired them a lot.

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