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Is My Job Causing Health Problems?

We spend much of our time doing work. Whether that is from home, in an office or outdoors. But what happens if our job starts affecting our health? Job-related hazards and even the environment in which we work can cause a variety of health problems. And, unfortunately, most people don't even know they are at risk for injury or other health issues. Here are some of the most common trouble areas and how you can help prevent health problems before they arise.

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Relieve Office Backache, Eye Strain, and Headaches

If you work in an office (out or in home), your job or business could be affecting your health. Studies have shown that people who work on computers for more than four hours a day are prone to a range of pesky health problems. From backache to eye strain and headaches, computer work and sitting for long periods of time can take its toll if not counteracted with the appropriate movement and rest. I have experienced them all!The good news is you can do something about it today!

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