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Out Of The Box Creativity You Won’t Believe!

I was turned onto this AMAZING video from a friend on Facebook. I couldn't believe what I watched was real...but it is! This is a prime example of what can happen when we think outside the box and get out of our ordinary minds.

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Let It Rain

Have you ever purposely stood outside in a summer downpour, let the warm rain trickle down your face and cleanse your soul? It feels good, doesn’t it? Your inner-child may come to the forefront. With a childlike heart, you become a part of something that’s out of your control and it’s OK…profound simplicity.

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Out Of Your Mind Creativity

Creative thought does not live in the ordinary or in any box, for that matter, but it thrives in an infinite world with no boundaries, no sharp edges, and no boring waiting rooms. Getting outside the “box”, out of “your mind” is simple but not always easy.

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