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3 Big Musts For Reaching Our Full Potential

It can be incredibly frustrating, even upsetting, to feel as though we aren’t reaching our full potential. Reaching our full potential can, however, be an elusive term and goal because there really aren't any absolutes. There aren't any magic spells or guide books to lead each of us to that holy grail. The fact is, though, our potential is far greater than most of us are willing to believe. Fortunately, there is a way to measure your state of being and whether you are moving in a positive direction. If you continue to learn and grow and make quality decisions that make you happy, I believe you are moving toward full potential.

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Are You Potential Or Price Focused?

In this material world of ours, it's not hard to get "price" focused. "How much is it going to cost me?" and "I can't pay that much." frequently roll off our tongues like deep set affirmations. Well, actually, these and other words and thoughts can become infused into our minds as the normal way of walking through life. I'm not just talking about money and financial things either. There is a price for everything we do or experience in life. But there is also a potential or a payoff. Which one are you focused on?

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