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3 Degree Program Strategies For Greater Success

It’s kind of strange, when you think about it, that most people who attend university will do so in their late teens or early 20s …

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4 Ways To Reduce School Stress For You Or Your Kids

Whether you have ventured back to college to continue your education or you have a house full of kids in different grades, there is stress …

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7 Must Have Qualities If You Want To Be A School Nurse

If you want to work as a school nurse, there are a few must-have qualities you need. Working as a nurse in a school means working with children of all ages. With the following 7 qualities, you could take your nursing career to any school from elementary to an upper-level educational organization.

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Testing, Testing, One-Two…Testing

When we are at school, we are subjected to all sorts of tests; on the spot math tests, spelling tests, end of year exams, high school certificates and the list goes on. In the early days the tests are quick, painless and mostly fun. Then they become more serious, there is study to be undertaken and there is the need to find the ability to cope with the testing process. It can be a nerve-wracking experience. What it does do is ‘test’ students (pardon the pun), it makes them think, it gives a clearer understanding of their abilities, their short-falls, where they can learn more and what they excel at; in the testing platform. What happens when we leave school though?

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