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6 Ways To Keep A Positive Mindset

Unfortunately, there are situations in life that overwhelm us and affect our mindset. Whether it’s a natural disaster, breakup, or loss of job, stress happens …

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Your Weekly Dose Of Diva: Healing Our Wounds As The True Route To Empowerment?

Today was a life-changer day for me - a day of reckoning. I just spent over three months diving deep, hundreds of hours, working harder than I've ever worked, creating, building, fine-tuning an online course, my first. It was my steepest learning curve yet - just the technology alone would have derailed me even a year ago, much less the visioning, the multi-tasking, the focus required. Today it launched for the first time - version 1.0 - and not a single person has bought in yet and who knows, maybe no one will. And for the first time ever I am so good with that.

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