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6 Powerful Stress Busters To Implement Now

In considering what to do to beat stress, you must consider how bad stress is for your health. Yes, a little stress is normal and may …

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3 Tips To End Nicotine Addiction

When we are young, many of us make the mistake of engaging in reckless behavior without considering the consequences. Been there-done that. For the most part, adolescent mischief doesn't end in disaster- except when these behaviors cross over into adulthood. One example of this is smoking cigarettes. In teenage years, smoking has a certain allure - it is rebellious and cool. This wasn't helped by the huge number of marketing campaigns that in the past, used smoking to help sell a product.

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5 Bedtime Mistakes That Hurt Your Health

Routines can bring comfort and stability to our lives. That said, our habits aren’t always good for us. In fact, there are several things that many people do before hitting the sheets that are actually detrimental to their health. Take a look at my top 5 that can be sneaky but oh so damaging.

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Is My Lifestyle Killing Me?

In our youth, we're often told that we only live once. "Live life to the fullest!" they scream. Though these cliches for enjoying life are fun to embrace at the time, ultimately, they do more harm than good. Living a life full of exciting experiences and interesting adventures is one thing, but taking it to an extreme steals the very life you're trying to live. This one body you have is your ride for life. Cherish it. The alternative is sickness, disease, pain, and possibly dying young. My mom died when she was only 59 because of the things I'm about to share with you. Yeah, it's that real...and that important. You might want to ask yourself this: "Is my lifestyle killing me?".

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About E-Cigarettes

In recent years, the rise in popularity of e-cigarettes has been phenomenal. With more people choosing to use them over regular cigarettes, the demand for e-cigarettes continues to grow. Despite their following, there are still many people who don’t know a great deal about them. This lack of knowledge can leave people weary, so they continue smoking what they are used to instead. This is unfortunate as they are missing out on the advantages that e-cigarettes can provide. You can even save money with this decision. So, if you’re considering making the switch and want to learn more, here are three things you didn’t know about e-cigarettes.

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Progress Not Perfection: 5 Gradual Ways To Improve Your Life And Health

Making an improvement to our health can be tough. We want instant results. But what if we saw change as a process rather than a single task to be completed? A small change in the right direction can motivate you to continue your progress, without battling with yourself. Try these small, gradual changes to improve your life and health.

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