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7 Supplements To Enhance Health And Well-Being

You can do all the right things, eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise, but you could still be lacking in some areas. Unfortunately, …

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4 Simple Things You Can Do To Boost Fertility Naturally

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, a whopping 12% of women have some type of problem getting or staying pregnant. So, if you’re …

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3 Facts About Natural -VS- Synthetic Vitamin Supplements

One common point of contention in the health industry is taking vitamin supplements. We’ve heard it all from “take handfuls of them a day” to “don’t …

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Researchers Possibly Link Vitamin D Deficiency with Asthma

I recently read yet another article on vitamin D that boasted about its health properties and how the lack of the important nutrient can lead to poor health and even disease. I'm sure that most of you know someone with Asthma or have the disease yourself.

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Ten Facts About Calcium

Fact #1 - You need it for much more than building strong bones and teeth, including for blood clotting, the transmission of nerve impulses, and the regulation of the heart's rhythm. Fact #2 - Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bodies; women carry about 2 1/2 pounds worth. The chalky substance found in rocks is mostly carried in our bones and teeth (about 99%). Your muscles, soft tissues, and body fluids carry the rest.

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