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10 Tips For Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor

Becoming a doctor of any kind involves dedication and a lot of pressure, especially during the first year. This beginning stage will set the precedent for your education and future as a doctor. In fact, you may even decide that being a doctor is not something you want at all. This happened to my daughter when she started as a pre-med student. If you make it through your grueling education and requirements you are truly a dedicated and hardworking woman. Here are some tips for surviving your first as a doctor.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #1: Get Organized

Your time is going to be premium when you begin your life as a doctor. You’ll either be sleeping, working, or, well, there might not be an “or”. You’re likely to just sleep and work…not a glamorous as some people think, huh? As you can imagine, this means that you’re going to have to use your time efficiently. If you get yourself organised and keep a robust time-management plan, you’ll find it much easier to stay on top of your professional and life responsibilities.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #2: Live Close to the Hospital

As we mentioned above, your life is going to be mostly divided into ‘work’ and ‘sleeping’. As such, you’ll be well-served by trying to bridge the gap between the two, to make their division as small as possible. You can do this by living nearby to the hospital. It’s much better to know that you have a five-minute walk to your bed after a long shift, rather than a lengthy commute using public transport. In any case, don’t worry too much about the quality of the apartment; you’re not going to be spending all that much time there!

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #3: Feel Comfortable and Confident

When it comes to spending long hours up on your feet, it’s imperative that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. To begin with, make sure you find comfortable shoes; you’re going to be spending long, long hours walking back and forth – they’re essential! For your scrubs, take a look at Med Couture; you’ll be able to find scrubs that are both comfortable and stylish. You’ll also be well-served by establishing a morning routine that allows you to look your best. Of course, you can’t spend too long working on your makeup or skin routine, so pick a fast method that works for you.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #4: Rely On Friends

When you’re trying to adjust to life as a doctor, it might feel like your friends and family are strangers. You’re not going to have the levels of free time you’d like to have in order to spend quality time with them. But they’ll understand; you’re on a journey that is going to help plenty of people in the long run! Yet while you can’t spend as much time with them as you’d like, don’t feel like you can’t reach out to them – you’re going to face tough, stressful days in your first year as a doctor, and when they arrive, you’ll appreciate being able to lean on your friends and family for support.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #5: And Your Colleagues

You won’t go through your first year as a doctor on your own. You will have a team of colleagues around you, some of whom will be your equals and some your mentors. In healthcare, it’s important to be a team player for multiple reasons, including making it easier to adjust to your new career. Offer to help others who are struggling with their work, and they’ll be on hand to help you when you need a hand, too. You’re on a unique journey, one that your friends and family are unlikely to understand; when you have the option to speak with people who are experiencing the same thing, do it.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #6: Use Your Free Time Wisely

We’ve been talking about how much you’ll be working and sleeping during your first year as a doctor, but there will be times when you’re free to do whatever you want. When these times arrive, it’s imperative that you’re spending your time wisely. Whether it’s taking a short trip, visiting friends and family, or just simply getting into the outdoors for a day in the sun, make sure you’re not just wasting your day watching television or browsing the web.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #7: Stay Hungry to Learn

You think you might be ready to be a doctor, but the truth is that you still have much to learn; every doctor does! While you’re trying to get your head around all the information you need to know, don’t lose your lust for learning. There’s always an opportunity how to learn, whether that’s medical information, how to interact with a patient or be a better person.

Surviving Your First Year As A Doctor #8: Embrace Your Feelings and Let Them Happen

There’ll be days when you want to curl up in a ball and cry into your pillow. When negative moods hit, don’t automatically fight or ignore it; embrace it! Things become much easier if you let the negative emotions out. After a brief ten minute cry, you’ll be ready to face the day from a healthy position.



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