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3 Beneficial Wireless Devices For Modern Living

There are all sorts of gadgets, gizmos, and digital tools out there today that may play some part in enriching our lives. After all, modern technology allows us to do more in less time, as well as give us better options for relaxation and recreation. Obviously, if you have a smartphone, you have access to Bluetooth® tech and likely have used it.

It’s amazing that we can hook up to a wireless world and get the information, music, data, and communication we want and need. I know I love the fact that my phone engages with a Bluetooth® system in my vehicle. This means I can drive and talk safely. There are some other things that use this tech you may not have thought about. Here are 3 beneficial Bluetooth® compatible devices for modern living.

Wearable Fitness Trackers

Wearable fitness trackers, such as the much-beloved Fitbit®, sync the data they collect with your smartphone (and the “master app” for the device) via Bluetooth®. I have worn one for over a year now and absolutely love it! The technology has enabled me to keep track of my fitness, sleep, water intake, and calories. It’s also extremely convenient to check my phone for the daily and weekly stats. Some models actually show you text messages, calendar reminders, and other alarms. I will say this has benefitted my life for the better. And to make your device fit your personality, look for stylish bands at online shops like Mobile Mob. I actually have several looks for mine that I switch, depending on what I’m wearing!

Bluetooth®-compatible Hearing Aids

Many people who have hearing problems resist getting their first hearing aid. In fact, some research suggests that the average hearing impaired person delays for more than five years before finally getting fitted. This, of course, is understandable with the vision of the old bulky ones of yesteryear. However, modern hearing aids are streamlined and offer much more than they used to.

Modern hearing aids often now have integrated ®Bluetooth technology, so that calls from a phone can be “streamed” directly to the hearing aid, without the user having to take the hearing aid out to answer a call. Wireless hearing aids also allow for music streaming directly from computers and other mobile devices.

Wireless Headphones

Let’s face it, headphones can be a real pain, especially when your electronic devices have different headphone jacks. I usually can’t find one jack, let alone a specific one. If that problem sounds familiar, consider getting Bluetooth® headphones that will bypass the cords altogether.

Wireless headphones can seamlessly and quickly pair with any compatible device. We bought our daughter some, and it was the best investment we have ever made for her. She uses it all the time for schoolwork, music, and gaming. 

Up and Coming Devices

You think these simple Bluetooth®-loving devices are cool, here’s a peek at some amazing things showing up more in the market and being used by customers all over the world right now! Wireless keyboards, toothbrushes, thermostats, selfie sticks, smart lights, audio frames (glasses), earbuds, smart luggage, and so much more! Do a search for current wireless tech and devices, you will be blown away!®


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