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3 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss

We use our hearing every day and can even take it for granted. Changes can happen gradually and not seem significant. That is one reason why it can be difficult to know if there has been hearing loss at all. I recommend getting your hearing checked once a year at your regular physical exam. If your doctor doesn’t normally do it, ask.  Even if you take good care of your ears and are young, your ears can still be susceptible to hearing loss. Wax buildup, ear infections, and sustained loud noises can damage to your hearing at any age. Here are 3 signs you may have hearing loss.

Signs You May Have Hearing Loss #2: You Struggle to Follow Conversations

Struggling to follow conversations or the audio on TV or radio is one of the first signs that you might have some hearing loss. Asking people to repeat themselves or just nodding along is a classic sign that can happen more frequently. While there are many things that could cause you problems during conversations like a build up of wax or an ear infection, it is worth seeing your doctor or audiologist if the problem persists. You can learn more about how they can help tackle your symptoms.

Signs You May Have Hearing Loss #1: You Avoid Using the Phone

Another sign that you might have hearing loss is avoiding phone use. When we talk to people face to face, we tend to use our eyes to help us understand what we hear. For example, in a crowded room, you probably focus on someone’s lips as they talk to see what vowels and consonants they pronounce. Essentially, you start lipreading even if you’ve never studied or practiced it.

On the phone, you can’t see the other person, so you don’t have that extra information to fill in the blanks. This might mean that you are mishearing similar sounds or that you drop out of the conversation for a few seconds at a time while you are trying to figure out what has been said. A hearing aid may help you in this situation as may an amplified phone. Record how frequently you notice any hearing changes and consult your doctor as soon as you can. Some hearing loss may be reversible if it’s caught in time.

Signs You May Have Hearing Loss #3: Your Ears Ring Consistently

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears is more common than you might think. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, ten percent of Americans experience it on a regular basis. A staggering estimate of ninety percent of these cases are the result of some type of hearing loss. If you have experienced tinnitus for a while, you may have gotten used to it and are able to ignore it. Even so, it could be affecting your hearing. Ringing ears could be a sign of a wide range of problems, however. It’s best to seek medical advice to determine what is causing your specific issues.

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