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3 Simple Ways To Enhance Meditation

Meditation has long been cited as a top way to increase physical and mental health. Specifically, with mental health, it’s important to support it with calming practices every day. Because meditation helps to calm your heart down and slow breathing, it can be beneficial to those who have current health issues. Additionally, it has been documented to lower your blood pressure if you practice it consistently! Do experiment with various types of meditation to see what works the best for you. Also, here are 3 simple ways to enhance meditation.

Lie Down

Lying down while meditating is a perfect way to get full relaxation. This is especially true if you get uncomfortable sitting cross-legged or on the floor for too long. Lying down during meditation could greatly benefit the elderly, ill, and sensitive women if other positions are not been possible.

Being in a reclined position may also help you to be more aware of your entire body as you meditate. Starting at your feet, be mindful of how they feel against the sheets. Work your way up to various parts of your body in the same manner. It’s quite relaxing and is amazing to do just before bedtime, as it increases relaxation and letting go of worries for the day. I use this method for checking in with myself and how the different parts of my body feel. I ask myself if I feel pain or tension in each area. It’s this type of self-awareness that makes meditation so beneficial to health.

Listen to Calming Music

For some women, listening to music can bring on a calm, focused state. Adding it to your meditation practice could increase the positive effect of both activities with a synergistic approach. The brain naturally loves rhythm and orchestrated sounds. And, it loves some downtime! Do, however, stick to instrumental music during your meditation times, so your brain doesn’t focus on language processing tasks. 

You could also try playing a Fair Trade Singing Bowl or another type of instrument yourself. Some practitioners use chimes, tap a drum or simply strum a guitar. Again, it’s about figuring out what works for you and your meditation style. 

Decorate Your Space

If you’re someone who can just plop down anywhere and meditate, more power to you. However, there’s a lot to be said for creating a special place for your private, quiet times. Simply making a space in your home that’s specifically for meditation could help you to practice more frequently and intently. Additionally, the more you love your environment, the calmer and more comfortable you’ll be during your practice. 

Though I have yet to have an entire room dedicated to meditation and healing, I do have a small area to use for now. That said, my future meditation room will have a soothing color scheme, soft textures, glorious scents, and all the things I love displayed around it. I will fill it with crystals, shells, tapestries, and the musical instruments that soothe me. Think about what type of atmosphere would calm you and bring you into a focused state. Write out a plan or draw it. Then, actually, execute your plan in whatever space you have.

You want to look forward to your meditation time and not think of it as another daily task to perform. Be mindful and do whatever makes you feel happy, safe, and comfortable. Enhancing your meditation with your unique personal touches will make it more special and will positively affect your mood, health, and well-being.


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