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3 Things No One Tells You About Freelance Work

You may have finally broken free from the shackles of the 9 to 5, only to realize that your freelance dream is quickly turning into a nightmare. All of those contacts you thought you had and the networking you thought you’d honed isn’t amounting to any solid leads for work. You didn’t comprehend quite how competitive the world of freelance work. You had no idea that you’d be fighting tooth and nail for the smallest of jobs. However, persevere, and it will get better; every successful and experienced freelancer has been in your position. Before you take your next step down the road of self-employment, I recommend you hear 3 things no one tells you about freelance work.

Freelance Work #1: Applying For Credit and Other Things Will Be Harder

It doesn’t matter whether you are applying for a simple store credit card, car insurance or a mortgage. The moment you state that you are self-employed or a freelancer, you may be judged more harshly. While you were in full-time employment and basking in a steady wage, decent promotion prospects, and job security, you likely would have sailed through a basic credit check. Now, it’s up to you to provide evidence that you are a responsible borrower and have a good income. By using a basic accounting program or check stub generator, you can quickly show any potential creditor that you’re in good financial standing. Just because you’re a freelancer doesn’t mean you can’t earn a healthy wage and keep accurate records.

Freelance Work #2: You Need To Be Disloyal (So to Speak…)

Just because you’re working on a particular project for a firm that you have a strong relationship with, doesn’t mean you can’t undertake a project with a rival. Unless you are under some kind of compete clause, providing your services to a client’s competitor is perfectly acceptable. You simply need to ensure that you respect and adhere to whatever agreement you have with each client. It’s vital that you are free to take on as much work as you can, especially in the early days of setting up your freelancing business so you can establish yourself amongst a competitive field.

Freelance Work #3: You Need To Be Social Media Goddess

Ok, so maybe a goddess is an exaggeration, but you do need to be present on your social media channels daily to maximize employment opportunities. I recommend that you have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts at the very least. Make some relevant posts once or twice a day and link to your personal blog. Finding your online voice supports the development of a following and readership. By putting out high-quality content and showing off your expertise, you are enhancing your reputation as an industry leader. This leads higher rates and sourcing more potential clients.

Surrendering the luxury of a steady wage can be one of the most terrifying aspects of working for yourself. However, being your own boss and establishing yourself within your industry could be one of the bravest and most fruitful decisions you ever make in your life. Be aware of your options and always look for budding opportunity.

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