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3 Things That Could Adversely Affect Your Mental Health

One in every five adults suffers from mental illness, which can be challenging to diagnose and treat. This is mainly because of the nature of mental illness that can alter perception, values, standards, and the ability to care for oneself. Whether it’s chronic stress, anxiety, or depression, I highly recommend seeking help early as opposed to waiting until things get worse. Admitting that something isn’t right in your mind isn’t a sign of weakness; in fact, seeking treatment takes tremendous strength. Additionally, to improve mental health, consider making some lifestyle changes to support your health and wellness in general. Here are a few things that could adversely affect your mental health.


Drinking alcohol at recommended levels is widely considered to be risk-free, however, consider that everyone is different. Furthermore, as humans, we can have a tendency to overindulge and consume more than recommended. Alcohol is a depressant, which means that it disrupts the chemical equilibrium in our brains, exacerbating any underlying problems with our psychological well-being. It also depletes our bodies of water, and it can take us a few days to rehydrate. A large amount of alcohol can also impair our judgment and actions, resulting in doing things not ordinarily done in a balanced state of mind. Avoiding alcohol (or at least consuming it in moderation) can considerably lessen anxiety, tension, and depression. If you suspect you have an alcohol problem, seek help from an AA group or your doctor for advice on how to effectively end the cycle and get your health back.


A lot of people think that using marijuana to alleviate mental health difficulties is a good thing. While cannabis may provide a brief feeling of euphoria and relaxation, once you have come down from the high, you could feel the need to consume more of it. When you smoke it, the side effects can actually make you feel more anxious or depressed, depending on your individual physiology and mental state. Additionally, studies have shown that long-term use from a young age is associated with the development of mental health disorders in the first place. There are reports of people who have smoked marijuana from an early age developing signs of mental illness, such as schizophrenia and depression. If you’ve been smoking cannabis, analyze the benefits and any adverse affects to help you decide if it is doing more harm than good. Do also consult your doctor to get more information about the affects of cannabis. If you’re struggling to quit, consider a rehab program or support group.

Consuming Poor Quality Food

Despite the fact that most of us know the adverse effects of consuming junk food regularly, so many of us keep doing it. No only has it been shown to create ill physical health, but also an increase of adverse psychological symptoms over time. There are many reasons for this including vitamin and mineral deficiencies, weitht gain, and low self-esteem. Make an effort to eat a wide variety of fresh foods. There are numerous apps and influencers online that can help motivate you and provide you with healthy eating ideas if you’re struggling for inspiration. As you improve your eating plan, you should see a mental health shift that can change your attitude about yourself. You may also notice a weight loss and improvement of other physical attributes which might boost your self-esteem.

If you change your relationship to these three things, you should see improvements in your overall wellness and mental state. Do what you can to improve your mental health by making the appropriate changes as well as seeing a doctor about anything that your concerbed about.


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