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3 Tips For Balancing A Business And Personal Life

Today’s woman often carries a load of family, work, relationships, and personal care. It’s even harder when you own your own company. It’s a lot to get done and even harder to balance. However, we usually find some way of handling it all without falling a part…well, at least, most of the time. Those who do it the best are women who practice a few savvy things. Let’s take a look at just how they juggle it all without dropping the ball.

They Delegate Well

One of the most common mistakes of business owners is they try to take on everything themselves. Sure, it makes sense to want to have as much control over a business as possible, but does it really serve? Well, maybe for a while, but not in the long run. Burnout and stress-related illness are real, ladies.

It’s so important to give yourself a break and relieve some of the load on you. First, as far as your business goes, use the resources you have for help. This could be through outsourcing to companies like United Systems and Software Inc. or through giving extra responsibilities to employees. 

When it comes to your personal life, do delegate what you can there, as well. Ask your partner, children, and friends if they can take a load off of you. In fact, most kids love to help, especially if you offer an incentive. Mine will do about anything for a price.

Turn Off the Tech

Technology can be one of the best things to advance our personal and professional lives. However, it also has the ability to waste our time, distract us, and cause major problems. It has the ability to make us available to the world 24/7- something that our ancestors never had to worry about. No, they closed up shop at the appropriate time and connected with friends and family when they had the time.

The truth is that being constantly connected to work, social media, and others doesn’t really serve our mental or physical health. It can rob us of precious downtime and sleep. I recommend doing an experiment where you stop or minimize your connections online for a week. See how you feel after you’re done. Are you more energized? If you can’t do this completely, simply try to use tech wisely and with respect for yourself and health.

Learn to Say, “No”

When you’re running a business, the buck stops with you. This makes it much easier to convince yourself that you have to do everything. And, hey, we all know what happens at home, too. It’s important to say, “no” to the things that aren’t necessary or serve you, your family, or the company. After all, burnout from overwork is way too common and needs to stop! 

Your family won’t die if you don’t make those yummy cookies or drive one more carpool. And, your company won’t fold if you say no to that one client who always wants things done yesterday.

Furthermore, leave the business where it is and focus on your personal life when you aren’t working. Otherwise, you could end up resenting your business and experiencing turmoil at home.

Of course, balancing your business and personal life isn’t going to take all of the stress out of being the extraordinary woman that you are. There will always be events and tasks that cause stress and frustration. That said, you can minimize much of it by being aware of how things are going at home and at the office. Do also pay acute attention to how you’re doing mentally and physically. Do these things and you’ll more likely see yourself cross that tightrope without fail.


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