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3 Ways Hosting A Party Can Test Your Relationship

Whether it’s a  housewarming party when you move into a new house or a birthday shindig, entertaining guests is a fun and bonding experience for couples. That said, it can also come with a unique set of challenges. Hosting a party can test your relationship in several ways. Let’s take a peek at some of the top things that could be a buzz kill.

Hosting a Party Can Test Your Relationship #1: The Cost

Partner #1 believes the party should be planned with a tight budget in mind. She wants to keep it cheap with the drinks by using a discount liquor store and shop for food and decorations at a discount retailer. Partner #2 believes they should go all out and impress their guests. The best champagne and food will surely do the trick! You both have made your case and, unfortunately, you aren’t agreeing.

The best way of coping with this problem is to set an overall budget that makes sense for your situation. Choose what is the most important to you both. Separate the party into specific areas – food, drink, decor, entertainment, etc. Come to an agreement that will give both of you something you want. Also, consider what you can do to make the party more special without a lot of money.

Hosting a Party Can Test Your Relationship #2: The Guest List

It’s obvious there will be some easy guest list choices for a party. These might include mutual friends, family members, and so on. However, there may also be some people you don’t agree should be invited. You know, the individuals that always seem to get you bickering for some reason. Maybe it’s his boss or her friend from college that just don’t mix well with you or your other friends. I recommend talking about exactly what reasons you don’t want to invite certain people. Don’t feel bad about your concerns, after all, you want your event to go off without a hitch.

You might also argue over the number of guests in and of itself. Partner #1 prefers a small gathering, while partner #2 clings to the cliche, “The more the merrier!”

The best way to cope with this is to each have a list. First, write down your essential peeps, then devise a list of preferred guests. Set a fair number of “vetos” you each get, depending on your party size. This will help to keep the list to your agreed upon number.

Hosting a Party Can Test Your Relationship #3: The Preparation

Even if you’re intending to keep it low key, a party needs preparation. You need to buy food and drink, clean the house, organize entertainment, and inform your guests. If it feels like one of you isn’t pulling your weight, then that’s going to cause friction. I recommend assigning tasks for each of you. Otherwise, things just might not get done in a timely manner. If one of you is really busy, the other can pick up the slack or ask a friend to help. 

Hosting a party can be a blast for you and your honey, but it can also be a little stressful. To keep your relationship hot and out of the boxing ring, communicate well through it all. I believe you both will learn to appreciate your differences and bond in new ways as you execute your party!



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