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3 Ways To Get Noticed And Promoted At Work

If you’re an ambitious woman and have clear career goals, you likely look for ways to climb the ladder of success. In some cases, moving to a new company for a higher position might be the best option. However, what if you really love the company you work for and want to stay? In this case, you’ll need to find ways to get noticed and promoted at work.

Unfortunately, this endeavor is often easier said than done with some companies. There could be multiple people vying for the same promotion or, perhaps, they have no current openings. Also, do consider whether your company even promotes from within. While you weigh all of your options at your present company or elsewhere, here are some simple things you can do to get noticed and, hopefully, promoted!

Make Yourself Valuable 

It goes without saying that if you aren’t performing well in your current job, you’re not likely to get a promotion. Furthermore, getting noticed usually involves going above and beyond simply doing your job well. First, in order to make yourself valuable to the company, you need to see yourself as the woman you want to be in that company. I am a firm believer that the fastest way to be seen as a rock star is to act like one. In other words, do the work before the promotion. Be the woman who leads and works the hardest on your team.

If you consistently show the qualities of a leader, help out colleagues, and never complain, you make yourself an asset the company won’t want to lose. If they’re smart, your superiors will realize you have ambition and deserve to get that promotion. Who knows, they may even create a position for you if there isn’t one. 

Continue Your Education 

Even if you’re more than capable of doing well in a more senior role, you might be struggling to get the promotion because you aren’t qualified on paper. Perhaps the role requires a certain degree or other qualification that you don’t have. In this case, you aren’t even considered regardless of how good you are. As ridiculous as this is, it happens more often than not. Unfortunately, you might have to bite the bullet and invest in continuing your education.

Consider your options carefully before you jump into anything. First, ask your company if they offer any tuition assistance programs for employees. In some cases, companies pay for complete degree programs for their employees if it benefits them to do so.

You could go back into full-time education or try evening classes. Alternatively, look into online programs or classes. There are many things to consider when choosing online vs offline education. Primarily, your available time, finances, and educational needs will play a large role in your decision. Online education is more flexible for working adults, however, some people find they learn more effectively in a class setting. 

Network with Company Leaders

In an ideal world, people would be promoted on the strength of their work record alone. However, it doesn’t always happen that way. There are more pieces in that puzzle. One of them is having a good working relationship with the people making the decisions. That’s why it’s vital to learn how to network effectively if want to get noticed and promoted. Building those relationships now will help your future in the present company and maybe even the next. 

Ask questions that show your interest in the company and its people. Ambition is refreshing to business owners and managers. Believe in yourself as you interact with those in higher positions. There is always room for improvement in any company. Therefore, your innovative thinking and willingness to do the work shows you are someone worth networking with. And, you are someone who gets noticed and much more likely to be promoted.


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