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unwind as a business owner

4 Positive Ways To Unwind As A Business Owner

When it comes to stress, particularly work-related stress, business owners have to be mindful if they want good health. It’s important to know how to rest and give yourself a break from work and the stress that comes with it. While the work-life balance is often pretty skewed, there are simple ways to help bring things into a better state. If you are a go-getter type, do yourself a favor and be gentle with change, even with the following tips. Maybe try starting with one thing and adding other ways to unwind as a business owner at a later time when you get used to the first one.


unwind as a business ownerRunning any business is a demanding task, whether it’s small or on a large scale. It often requires long nights and early mornings as well as no weekends or sick days on occasion. It’s no surprise that many business owners don’t find time to exercise regularly. That said, just know that allowing your body to fall into a sedentary pattern does not serve you in any part of your life. You’ve likely gotten good at scheduling your business meetings, so use that skill to put exercise on the calendar.

I recommend starting with something gentle and easily doable every day. A simple walk outdoors can work wonders for a stressed-out mind and body. Generally speaking, any movement you can do to stimulate muscles and circulation will help. Regular exercise/movement induces stress-relieving hormones and promotes a positive mindset, both of which you need for business.

Once you get in the habit of light to moderate exercise, you can move on to something harder. Try going for a jog, joining a group fitness class, or hitting the gym during your lunch break. You’ll feel more prepared to tackle the day’s tasks. Also, it keeps you physically fit to enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s honestly up to you how you exercise, but keep it a priority and have fun! 

Take Mini Breaks

You can unwind as a business owner by letting go or taking breaks periodically. That means separate yourself from the hamster wheel where everything is under your nose. It requires you to either step away mentally, physically, or both.  Why is this so important? Well, for the most part, it’s just about letting yourself feel your body and emotions. Going constantly without a break doesn’t leave time or energy to process your life. I think you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Again, I recommend that you schedule a time to rest and recharge daily. You could play relaxing music, take a nap, binge a show, play video games, or even try some CBD from Mr. Mahalo and give yourself a few hours to rest. Let your staff know what’s happening so they can support you in your efforts. You’re going to be more productive as a well-rested woman.

Take a Longer Break

Whether it’s a sabbatical, a weekend or a vacation is totally up to you. But the main goal is to unwind as a business owner by taking a break from your regular work schedule. While business owners need to have a strong work ethic and be dedicated to their companies, it’s equally as crucial to know when to take a break. When a business owner constantly works, she can become mentally fatigued and eventually burn out. This can impact company productivity and even health. 


It can also be helpful to delegate certain responsibilities when possible. Trust that your team can handle them in your absence. This will help reduce your workload and give your brain a chance to think creatively without being distracted by work-related tasks. Never feel bad for being human; your business will be fine, and it will survive, especially if you have a responsible team. 

In the end, you’re human; even as a business owner, you can’t do everything yourself. You need to take breaks from your work. Even if you thrive in the environment, too much of it can zap the love you once had for your company. Find the balance that works for you as you lean into being healthier and more at peace with your business.

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