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4 Simple Self-Care Tips For Busy Moms

In our busy, chaotic lives, it can be challenging to care for ourselves properly and consistently. Whether we mean to or not, we put work, family, kids, social obligations, hobbies and other things ahead of self-care and rest. Unfortunately, this way of life can lead to physical and mental health issues, as well as an unsatisfying life. I’d like to share some of my favorite, simple self-care tips for busy moms. Keep in mind, everyone has varying needs, so do what works for you and brings you peace and joy.

Get the Nutrition You Need

We all have heard that eating a balanced, nutritious diet is a major key to good health and well-being. However, it truly is one of those “easier-said-than-done” things. Just ask a working mom of four how often she cooks a wholesome meal for herself and family. I’m betting that she spends more time in the drive-thru than in the kitchen. 

I have found a simple hack that helps me to keep in the good graces of the nutrition fairy. It’s called preparation. Simple things like making a meal plan, shopping list, and actually preparing meals in advance are all positive steps to steering clear of Mickey D’s and the microwave dinner section of the store.

Talk to your family and see what they would like to have for the week and plan accordingly. Furthermore, kids usually love to help out in the kitchen. Make meal preparation a family event each week, as you cook several days worth at once. It really does save time and money in the long run.

Have a Coping Method to Ease Stress and Anxiety

It’s common to experience periodic stress and anxiety when you’re busy and have a lot of responsibility. And, though, diet and exercise can help curb these emotional challenges, there is more you can do.

I like to take little breaks throughout the day to collect my thoughts and ground myself. Getting outdoors usually helps the most. These short respites from mainstream life often create a sense of well-being and peace that stay with me for the rest of the day. While I’m on my breaks, I say kind things to myself, as well as positive intentions for the remainder of my day.

Another thing I do is look for alternative ways to ease anxiety. I have had to take prescription meds for it in the past, so I know how poorly these drugs can affect your overall health. I use some supplements like L-Theanine, stress-busting teas, and I take CBD oil every day. You may have wondered “how does CBD oil make you feel?” Well, it makes me feel more stable and less anxious. I recommend researching it and also reading real testimonies of CBD users to get a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind, I use all these methods under the advisement of my functional doctor. I advise you to ask your physician before you start anything new. Also, you should check the legal status in your area as well as prosecutions for CBD possession just to be safe since each state will have their own laws.

If you do try CBD, there are also various products that can be used rather than oils. You can choose from salves, tinctures, sprays, vapes, capsules, and even CBD gummies. They are CBD-infused edibles that, like the oil, have to contain less than 0.3% THC by law, and therefore have none of the same psychoactive effects as cannabis. This review of the best CBD gummies from Newsweek should help you choose the best option for you.

Feed Your Senses

Have often do you think about what your 5 senses experience during the day? I believe we have taken our awareness to an all-time low these days with overwork, perfectionism, and worry. We struggle to acknowledge what makes us happy because we are too busy trying to survive and make money.

Move Your Body Regularly

Hey, busy mom, you don’t have to join a gym or sign up for the latest spin class to get your share of exercise in. Simply walking around your neighborhood and even doing housework can get that heart rate up enough to make a difference. The goal is to keep moving regularly, especially if you sit for long hours at a time.

I like to do a short weight bar and callisthenic routine every morning before I do anything else. That way, if I don’t get to do any other form of exercise, I know I’ve done something. Choose to do activities that you love so it’s not as easy to cancel on yourself. Furthermore, enlist your kids or a friend to join you for a weekly walk or other fun activity.

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Madeline is a mid-west mom of three who spends most of her time refilling ice trays and changing toilet paper...just kidding. She is a high school guidance counselor, all around funny gal, and a writer. Her first book, Be Happy Already!", is in the works.

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