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4 Tips For Boosting Your Dating Confidence

As you get older being single and going on dates can be intimidating, especially if you haven’t been on a date for a while. Don’t feel bad, the most confident women can feel out of place with the best speed dating platforms, phone apps, and talking to new potential romantic interests. After all, putting yourself out there requires some vulnerability and the acceptance that there is potential for getting hurt.

You might even feel happy and content about setting up a date but feel nervous as the day gets closer. This isn’t unusual and doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t do it. This is a time to check what things you believe about yourself and your ability to socialize in general. If you feel a little sluggish in this area, don’t worry, it can change. Here are several tips for boosting your dating confidence.

Let the Past Go

Letting go of the past can be the most challenging step to take before venturing into the dating world. Know that your past relationships no matter how good or bad they were don’t define who you are. They also are not the indication of how your future ones will go if you don’t let them. I know it’s tough to let go of grief and the people we have strong feelings for. And, truthfully, no one else on this planet can replace them or bring out the same things in you. The reason we must let go is to open our hearts to new experiences and love. Do remember how the past helped you grow and become who you are now. This is how we move forward with our lessons intact.

Remember the Great Things about YOU

I find that considering all of my positive attributes about myself helps me to feel more confident in social situations, whether they are romantic or otherwise. It’s also more than OK to speak about your achievements and passions that have been a large part of who you are as a woman. Do also ask good open-ended questions on your date. This will stimulate any connections you might have. Connection is a confidence booster in itself. Being good at asking questions could be useful for bedroom conversations – if you get that far! 

Get a Makeover or Spruce up Your Wardrobe

One of the most effective ways to feel greater confidence is to pamper yourself with some self-care. I especially love doing a makeover or shopping for some new clothes that I feel beautiful in. This doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either. Ask a friend to show you some new makeup techniques or watch some tutorials online. Even doing something simple like getting a haircut can change your outlook and confidence. 

Additionally, make sure to wear the clothing that you feel most comfortable and attractive in on your dates. Choose makeup and hairstyles that are low-maintenance as well. You don’t want to be self-conscious and be constantly running to the bathroom to check your look.  

Take Your Time

Remember to take your time to adjust to dating again. Baby steps are perfectly OK. This will allow you to slowly feel more confident. The more dates you go on the easier the whole process will become. Have you been on a date recently? What tips do you have for improving your confidence when going on a date? Is there anything you would like to add to our list above? Let us know in the comment box below. 


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