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4 Ways To Increase Traffic Conversion To Sales

Businesses rely on a consistent flow of leads and customers, as well as established ones that are easy to convert. This influx is never guaranteed or does it come easily all the time. Marketing, branding, consistency in the market, innovation, and service all play a role in bringing in leads that actually convert into profitable sales. If anything goes wrong in this process, the whole thing can go downhill. Let’s look at a few ways to increase traffic conversion to sales.

Offer Customers More Ways to Buy

Offering customers more than one way to buy from you will naturally bring more traffic or potential customers. Therefore, you have a better chance of converting those leads to actual sales. If you own a traditional retail store, for instance, consider expanding to include a full online shop.

On the other hand, if you only have an online store or website, think about adding a customer service line to take phone orders.  Be creative with this to reach your potential. I encourage you to think outside the box of your industry. Be a pioneer if your situation allows you to take some risk.

Make It Easy To Buy

We live in a fast-paced and time-focused society. We want to find what we’re looking for quickly and efficiently. That goes for both online stores and brick and mortar. It’s frustrating to either walk into a store or land on a website that has no cohesion or directions. First, make searching or shopping easy and convenient for potential buyers. Make sure your website is clean and has easily found navigation and purchase buttons that work properly.

For shop owners, place professional signage around your store that gives directions to various departments or areas of interest. Tell your customers about sales and events going on now, so they won’t miss anything. Remember, just because you know what’s going on doesn’t mean they do.

Make Their Visit Pleasant 

Some stores and websites are downright irritating. Disorganization and things like unprofessional signage or website banners can really turn off a visitor immediately. Your business, whether online or traditional, is being visited because they believe you may have something they want or need. That’s half the battle to converting a lead to a sale. A pleasant process from the time they walk in, get you on the phone, or land on your site is another huge piece of that puzzle. Not only that, pleasant experiences get repeated.

Specifically, for a website, don’t try to do too much there. Keep things simple and uncrowded.  White space isn’t always a bad thing, in fact, sometimes it can really help you to create organization on your site. White space is also relaxing to the eye, so your users will feel comfortable. Avoid anything that flashes or makes a sound. These unnecessary distractions can lead to an instant “bouncing” from your site.

Offer Multiple Safe, Quality Payment Options

Customers want payment options, so they have a choice. One day, a customer might want to pay with PayPal and the next with a major credit card. Of course, there are many options for you as a business owner, as far as payment platforms for traditional and online business. Additionally, consider offering payment plans or special financing for larger purchases. This is something that many companies use to help stimulate sales and add new loyal customers.

If you are a merchant who travels or does trade shows, a platform like Payanywhere could help you make buying easier for customers. It’s important to research each company thoroughly and check actual reviews before you choose a system, though. 






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