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benefits of having straight teeth

5 Commonly Unrealized Benefits Of Having Straight Teeth

Though cosmetic dentistry seems purely cosmetic, there are actually many more benefits of having straight teeth besides looking better. Yes, getting those braces or aligners isn’t just about improving your smile. It also helps your life in other, sometimes unexpected, ways. In this post, we will point out some of these benefits that might just convince you to head to the orthodontist for a consultation.

Here are some benefits of having straight teeth!

Reduces Teeth Grinding and Uneven Wear

Teeth Grinding is often an unconscious response to stress and frequently happens while we sleep. Because you might not know it’s happening, you are prone to ongoing tooth wear that can cause other alignment issues. Because how our teeth fit together is considered a function of the straightness (or crookedness) of our dentition, it’s an important factor in the longevity of our teeth. If teeth aren’t straight, grinding is much more likely to cause damage and lead to expensive repairs. A dentist or orthodontist can evaluate your bite and determine if you have sustained damage.

Protects You From Some Types of Decay

Straight teeth also protect your teeth from cavities and decay that happens from unusual spaces or crowded teeth. Changing their shape and eliminating nooks and crannies lets your toothbrush come into contact with the full surface of each tooth. This helps you to clear bacteria more easily so it can’t multiply.

Makes It Easier (and Safer) to Chew

If you have crooked teeth, chewing can be more challenging, as you don’t get surface contact with food. The risk of injury also increases with misaligned teeth. This can cause accidental biting of cheeks, tongue, and gums, leading to pain and even infection. 

benefits of having straight teethImproves Gum and Jaw Health

One of the reasons experts, like Mona Vale Dental, recommend aligning teeth is that it can promote healthier gums and jaw in the long term. Gums are healthier because food is much less likely to get stuck between the teeth. There are no gaps or protruding teeth to catch food. It also means that the body is less prone to inflammation, something that can occur in the presence of plaque. Inflammation is the natural response to injury, but it can get out of control and cause damage if you don’t take proper care of your dentition. 

Jaw health is also improved because teeth transmit more of their force into it. The jaw requires regular chewing to avoid atrophy which can make it more difficult to restore teeth in the future. Some patients even report lessening TMJ pain and headaches after they get their teeth straightened.

Gives You Greater Confidence

Confidence is another effect of straighter teeth. All of a sudden, you naturally smile, leading to a better attitude and happiness. The need to hide your mouth and teeth disappears. Furthermore,  your straight teeth can change the impression you make on people socially and professionally. When you have a dazzling smile, it has a profound effect on how they interact with you, much of it unconscious. This, in turn, gives you a confidence boost and enables you to better take on the challenges of life. Hence, the ripple effect for your success can be tremendous. 


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