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5 Savvy Ways To Boost Small Business Productivity

Small business owners want profit, growth, and efficient productivity. Much of this can be trial and error as a business goes through the process of finding its way in the market. However, there are some things that have a direct effect on operations and how well things run. Sometimes, small changes are the best way to improve office efficiency, as opposed to changing everything all at once. Let’s take a look at some savvy ways to boost small business productivity. 

Delegate as Much as You Can

Though delegation does come with some degree of risk, increasing staff responsibility is important for morale and growth. It boosts their job satisfaction and increases the chances of keeping them around longer. It’s easy to see how happy employees can boost small business productivity. 

Not to mention, consider how much more time you will have to work on owner tasks such as public relations and setting future goals. Do consider how much your staff can handle though. You don’t want to overwork them. Find the balance that works for your particular business, staff, and situation.

Reduce Distractions

Electronic devices, games, and social media are huge productivity killers…even for you. One way to combat this is to adopt a policy regarding personal phone and device time. It would be difficult to ban phones altogether from the workplace, so you will have to be more creative for this one.

You could encourage your team to only use their phones at certain times or while on break. You can also monitor what websites your employees go to during the day by checking search history or setting up restrictions on work computers. I recommend doing this if low productivity becomes an issue. And, remember, be a good example while you are in the office.

Have the Right Quality Tools

If you want to boost your small business productivity, make sure you have the right tools and equipment. This will help you and your team to perform tasks faster and more efficiently. There is nothing more counterproductive than waiting for computers to load or printers to work. Invest in the best office equipment you can afford. I also recommend that you learn more about IT service and how it could help your small business operate more efficiently and safer.

Improve Working Conditions

A comfortable and attractive workspace does help to improve mood and productivity. Things like the room temperature can really affect how we work. If it’s too hot or cold, the body begins to feel uncomfortable and distracted. This, in turn, diminishes our ability to concentrate and do our best work. Keep the environmental temperature and lighting consistent. I do, however, recommend getting rid of fluorescent lighting altogether and replacing with LED or task lighting that does not stress the eyes.

Offer Support

A part of being a good owner, manager, or leader is to know how your staff is performing on a regular basis. This enables you to know where there might be issues, as well as where they need support. It’s not enough to tell someone they are not doing something well. Employees need help and support from senior staff and mentors to grow and obtain a greater skill level. 

Offer training, support meetings, and daily check-ins to stay connected to your team. I also recommend that you keep an incentive program going to initiate improvement. It works better than anything I’ve ever experienced in a company. Be creative and adopt what works best for you and your staff.




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