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5 Tips For Building An Online Audience

Having an online audience is an effective way to expand your reach and secure possible leads. That said, know that it takes time and effort just like any other part of marketing your business and brand. Many new business owners struggle with gaining an online presence, especially if they are not used to sharing information online. I recommend taking your time and being consistent with whatever methods you choose to use. Here are some basic tips for building an online audience.

Narrow Your Net

It’s common for people to widen their net in search of an audience, but consider the opposite and narrow your net by attracting a more specific audience. If you produce content to please everyone, chances are it won’t speak strongly enough to your ideal customers. By knowing who you want to attract, or your niche, you are able to develop copy, images, and marketing campaigns that speak their language. This allows you to pick up followers and potential customers more easily. You can actually see who is responding to your social media posts, blogs, and other content to understand more about who is attracted to your business.

Tell a Great Story

Great stories draw people in and leave them wanting more. That’s why, if you’re serious about building a big online audience, learning how to portray the story of your business and brand with clarity, wit, and interest is a strong skill that will pay off quickly. The more compelling you are as a business owner, the more people are likely to take an interest and start following you on various platforms. Just make sure to always be yourself and don’t fabricate things just to sound more interesting. Figure out what makes you and your business unique and build around that.

Create a Community Website

Creating a website using Tribe or Disciple Media is easy and is an effective way of building an online audience. Once your community website is up and running, you can invite like-minded individuals who will contribute their ideas and start interesting conversations. From there, sharing your thoughts, ideas, products, and offerings won’t seem so difficult because they are already engaged. Basically, it will give you your own platform where you can interact closely with people in your niche.

Use More Video

The internet is currently a visual medium, and it has been shown that audiences are more likely to watch business video media than they are to read long web copy. So, if you want to build an online audience, it might be time to work on your video editing technique and brainstorm some fun video content ideas. How-to guides always go down well as do behind-the-scenes snapshots of companies. Just like other types of content, keep your videos engaging and interesting, and targeted to your ideal customers. Keep quality at the forefront of everything you do with video.

Spend Time on Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are free, easy to use, and have a potential audience in the hundreds of millions. It’s kind of a no-brainer to get on at least one of them to reach more people. You can start with your personal profiles and expand to business pages and accounts once you build a personal following. Take your time, take it seriously, and be consistent with all of your online dealings. Your audience will naturally grow if you do these things and stay true to yourself and your business brand. 


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