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improve hor your business looks and feels

5 Ways To Improve How Your Business Looks And Feels

Your services, how you conduct yourself, and your online presence all have a huge impact on your business success. Some other points of consideration, however, are the way your commercial property looks on the outside and how it feels on the inside. Whether you have a medical practice, a store that sells goods, or an office block, think about how others perceive you as a business. It helps to think about what physical attributes attract you to a store or service provider. After all, first impressions can make or break a connection with a potential customer or client. With that in mind, here are a few ways to improve how your business looks and feels.

Be Consistent with Your Brand

If your business looks and feels much different than customers expect, they could be thrown off or confused by what you are about. Those who come in to browse or for meetings want to see things that line up with the reasons they decided to give your business a chance in the first place.  The overall design and physical embellishments on both the exterior and interior are best kept in alignment with your vision for the business. This can start with how you want others to feel in the space.

Using color and texture is an easy way to create an aesthetically pleasing environment and encourage pleasant emotions. For example, restaurants often use stimulating colors like red to promote hunger and draw attention to themselves on the outside. Of course, consider the type of business it is to choose appropriate details.

Maintain and Organize the Space

Have you ever driven by a business that instantly turned you off? It’s likely if it was a cluttered, ill-maintained storefront or building lobby. Well, I have, and it usually ended my desire to take another step. Another thing that turns me off is an old and run-down company vehicle. I mean, think about it…why would you want to put your trust in a business that can’t maintain their property well?

Do regular walkthroughs on your property to make sure everything is in working order and doesn’t look cluttered or neglected. This goes for everything that is connected to your business, including vehicles, land, and all interior aspects. Regular maintenance is a must if you want to make a good first impression and keep regulars coming back. There is always a way to improve the way your business looks and feels.

Take Care of the Outside

Since the outside of your business is the first space customers see and experience, it’s worth maintaining and looking great. Whether it needs driveway paving or simply a clean-up, do what you can to spruce it up.

One thing that often gets neglected is the roof. After all, it’s not like you look up and examine it every day. I recommend taking the time to do a visual assessment first. Though you could see problems and even fix them yourself, it might be better to call a professional to inspect the roof and make sure it’s sound. If you’re in the market for roof repair or replacement, check for quality companies offering services for commercial roofing austin (or elsewhere more relevant to you).

Install Proper Lighting

There’s something about good lighting that makes any kind of property look and feel better. Additionally, if your business is lit up properly during the night, it can draw attention even if you’re not open. This includes having landscape lighting, spots that highlight the building, and lighted signage. Lighting also creates a sense of peace and security for those who might be visiting at night.

The other side of lighting is to make sure that there is not too much of it coming in from outside. I recommend investing in things that shield invasive light like shades and commercial sun shades from Caribbean Blinds or similar businesses.

Keep Things Safe And Sound

Security systems, cameras, and fencing can not only keep your business safer but can look and feel more professional to anyone who visits. If you install the best security systems, customers and employees will feel safer, knowing that they and their cars are less likely to be in danger. As a business owner, this also gives you peace of mind about the premises’ security when you cannot be there.


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