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6 Musts To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

Now that fall has arrived in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to get your daily outfits sorted for those quick visits to the grocery store, to get your shopping done, or for social meet-ups. The most important thing is to feel happy and confident in yourself as you do so. So here are some musts to add to your fall wardrobe to make your outfits shine! 

A Big Scarf 

Nothing quite says cozy and stylish in the fall like a big soft scarf to wrap around your neck or in another way. It completes your autumnal look but also adds functionality to your outfit by keeping you warm and toasty in the dipping temperatures. It can also give you a head covering if it starts to rain or snow, depending on how far north you live. Scarf trends this year are definitely showing up, especially wearing them in your hair or over your coat. Consider going with something in leopard print to make a statement this year.


A blazer is an extraordinarily versatile item of clothing and does not need to be part of a suit to be worn fashionably. A pastel shade can be worn during the day to add a touch of smartness to your look as well as break up darker shades of the season like brown, grey, and black tones. If you want to add some color to your outfit, you can opt for a nice bright color. Keep in mind that short blazers are not as in right now as larger, longer ones. Think the 90s…                                                        

Sparkly Jewelry 

A simple necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet in white gold irish jewelry style can be a great accompaniment to almost any outfit. It adds a strong statement to what might be quite a plain look. Think in terms of being expressive by honoring who you are with your jewelry choices. If you love diamonds and pearls, by all means, wear them! Throw on those bangles and hoop earrings this year too! Fortunately, fall allows you to layer up your outfits while also feeling cozy and warm, so you can certainly make it more interesting this time of the year with a splash of sparkly jewelry that says, “I am me!”. 

A Patterned Blouse 

When you put together your daily outfit, which might include a plain top with your denim, it’s nice to break up solid colors with a patterned print instead. Bold prints and colors will instantly brighten up your look without having to do much. Some in-fashion choices for this fall are the leopard print, plaid, check, houndstooth, polka dot, chevron, leaf motifs, and embroidery.

Chunky Knits

Cozy knitwear can be both stylish and practical. Layer up your fall outfits with plain tops underneath and add a heavy knitted sweater on top for the really cold days or a lighter version when it’s milder. You will look trendy and keep warm in the process. Some that are trending now are the oversized, cropped, and cable knits.


Boots are versatile, comfy, stylish, and more importantly, never go out of fashion. You can reuse them each year without worrying whether they will be on-trend. Ankle boots add a touch of smartness whereas long knee-high boots really make a bold statement to your look, and tie in nicely with leggings, trousers or to pair with a lovely dress or skirt. 


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