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6 Warning Signs Of Disrespect In Your Relationship

Respect is such an important part of any relationship, but disrespect can often be present without regard. This happens when the person being disrespected is timid or worried they won’t be loved if they stand up for themselves. Within romantic relationships like marriages or partnerships, this can be devastating. We all owe it to ourselves to demand respect from all of our relationships, especially from our closest ones. If you think you may be getting something other than respect from your significant other, pay attention to how you are talked to and treated. Here are 6 warning signs of disrespect in your relationship.

Disrespect In Your Relationship #1: He/She Points Out Your Flaws

If your partner is always telling you that something is wrong with you, it’s possible that respect is lacking. This also can be a sign that your relationship is in trouble. Unhappy partners will find fault in their lovers more often than those who are content. Also, consider that these jabs may not have anything to do with you. Your partner may be lacking self-respect and love. These self-defeating attitudes can often cause lashing out and bullying of others.

Disrespect In Your Relationship #2: You Are Not Listened To

Listening to one another on a regular basis is a sign of a healthful relationship. If someone refuses to listen or pretends to listen but dismisses you, there may be something amiss. If it’s a once in a while thing, don’t worry, we all have bad days and distractions. However, if it is frequent and is hurting you, this can be put into the disrespect category.

Disrespect In Your Relationship #3: He/She Is Mean To You

As pointed out at the getherbackguide, some men purposefully treat their lovers mean to keep them at a distance and off balance. This is a manipulation and should not be tolerated under any circumstance.  Sure, some women like the bad boy vibe, but you should not be a victim of this type of disrespect and narcissistic behavior. That said, being mean can also be a sign that the other person is unhappy and not able to express anger in a healthful way.

Disrespect In Your Relationship #4: He/She Always Has To Be Right

Quality relationships are about compromise. After all, love can be described as putting the other person before yourself. So, when someone is only concerned about being right and getting their way, you have to wonder what’s really going on. Are you a priority or is there an agenda behind the scenes? Some people are unaware that they come off as arrogant and controlling until you tell them. You can try to talk this one out, but you may not get to the bottom of it easily. 

Disrespect In Your Relationship #5: He/She Disrespects the People Close to You

If your partner never has anything nice to say about your friends and family, it’s time to find out why. If you are important, he/she will want to keep the peace with your loved ones. This doesn’t mean that your partner will always get along with your family and friends, but there should, at least, be an effort to respect each other. Talk to your partner about this one. There could be some friction there because of something said or done to him/her. 

Disrespect In Your Relationship #6: Dishonesty

Don’t assume that, if you’ve caught your spouse in a lie, your relationship is over. Yes, this type of disrespect can be extremely harmful, however, its cause may not be what you think. Dishonesty is multi-leveled and can show up for various reasons. Yes, he/she may be headed down the disrespect road but, again, it may not have anything to do with you. Self-doubt and fear of rejection can cause people to treat others horribly.



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