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6 Ways To Make Your Work Day More Relaxing

Work-related stress can have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. And though we must stay alert and focused while working, it doesn’t mean we have to push ourselves into burn out or overwhelm. There are a few things I’ve learned over the years that help me to stay motivated but relaxed while I’m working. Check them out!

Prioritize Tasks

It’s difficult for you to relax when you have so much going on every single day. If you want to help yourself learn how to reduce the workload you have. Prioritize important tasks and also create a to-do list for each day. This helps you to process, in order, what has to be done at the moment. It also helps you to avoid worry and feeling overwhelmed because you have a plan. If you absolutely have too much on your plate, talk to your supervisor about it to see if it can be delegated.

Create a Before Work Routine

Working out or even a simple walk are great ways to prepare for the day ahead, especially if you incorporate it into your morning routine. You may also want to have a quiet cup of coffee, or even run a hot bath. You might not think there is time for such luxuries, however, taking the time will pay off. You’ll be more relaxed and prepared than if you simply get up at the last minute and rush into work frazzled.

Prepare the Night Before

Speaking of rushing around… 

There is nothing more stressful than looking for your clean clothes, car keys, or glasses when you’re already running late. One way to prevent this is to get everything ready the night before. This simple act doesn’t take much time and will set you up for having an organized and peaceful day. 

Listen to Music

Another thing you can do to lower stress and bring some relaxation to your workday is to listen to music. A good playlist can relieve stressful thoughts and help you to focus on the present moment. Consider playing motivational songs or instrumental music when you have your morning coffee, on the way to work, and even while you work if it’s allowed. Make sure to watch the volume if you use headphones or earbuds. Constant loud music can cause hearing problems like tinnitus or loss.  Click here to learn more about safe hearing practices. 

Remove Clutter from Your Workspace

Clean up your workspace regularly to stay organized and focused. After all, you don’t want to lose important documents or materials. Having things orderly helps your mind to stay calm and work through one thing at a time. If you want to take things to the next level of peace, add a plant, a family photo and some personal items that bring you joy. I like working around crystals and items that remind me of nature.

Cut Out Unnecessary Meetings

Many companies hold meetings on a regular basis, and some are not necessary if things were organized differently. My husband always complains about this very thing. Meetings can steal valuable time to work on current projects. Make sure that the meetings you call or attend are necessary. See if there are other ways to communicate that make more sense.




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