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7 Ways To Uplevel A Specialty Medical/Health Practice

As a medical specialist, it is important to stay informed and connected to your patients. In order to do this, it is expected to learn and improve skills in your field of focus. Additionally, patients need to feel heard and as though they are a priority. It’s unfortunate that so many specialists are inaccessible or so busy that they don’t have time to truly listen. Let’s discuss some ways to uplevel a specialty medical practice for the good of you and your patients.

Stay Up to Date

Make sure that you stay current on all of the latest developments in your field. Attend conferences, read articles and books, and network with your fellow professionals. Use technology to better serve your patients where it is applicable. For example, using electronic health records (EHR) and diagnostic equipment with the latest technology available can save time and bring a better experience for patients. 

Offer Unique Care

Look into alternative treatments or new models of care that may be beneficial to your patients. Consider incorporating evidence-based practices that are up and coming. Even small things like offering a  hearing aid dryer if you are an audiologist can help patients feel cared for and valued. Of course, this is just an example, but you can make your practice unique by offering what you believe would help your patients.

Invest in Your Staff

Train your staff on the most up-to-date techniques and provide them with ongoing educational opportunities. Encourage collaboration between team members and be open to new ideas from everyone involved. Patients are in close contact with your staff, so consider them an extension of you.

Focus on Quality Care

The first thing in quality care is quality communication. Make sure that you are communicating with staff, patients, and others in a way that serves. Develop quality assurance standards that focus on providing the best possible care. Develop a culture of compassion and respect within your team so that each patient feels comfortable and valued in the office no matter who they speak to. Do also remind patients of upcoming appointments and follow up with them after the visit to see how they are doing. Use patient feedback to improve services and develop new ideas for your practice.

Consider how long patients are waiting to see you. One of the issues with specialists is that it is alarming how booked up they are. With waiting lists that push out appointments sometimes into the next year, patients become frustrated and feel abandoned by those who are meant to help them. It might be worth brainstorming with your team about how to change this to better serve patients.

Develop Relationships with Referring Physicians

Take the time to meet with referring physicians and build relationships with them. Work together on patient care plans and share useful resources. Educate physicians about your services and how they can help their patients.

Offer Support Services 

Provide additional support services such as hearing aid fitting, counseling, or educational classes to further enhance the patient experience in your office. This may include providing loaner hearing aids, online tutorials, or follow-up visits after initial testing. 

Utilize Social Media 

Social media is a great way to connect with existing patients and market your practice to new ones. Keep your content engaging, informative, and up-to-date while using platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get the word out about your practice.


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