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Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox

Bio-Communication Testing

I am so thrilled that Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox is sharing today on Bio-Communication Nutritional Testing. She is the founder and owner of Natural Rejuvenation in Indianapolis, Indiana, an expert in mind/body health, a certified massage theripist, and an author.

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Relationships: Giving and Receiving

We all want a relationship where we feel fully loved, deeply understood, and deeply valued, and where we walk the journey in complete harmony with another. Many times we are looking to the other person to provide us with what we want and need, when in truth, we simply mirror that in which we give. We often have the idea that when the perfect person comes around, we will begin to be on our best behavior, and that we will change when we meet him or her.

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Diet Stress or Stressful Diet?

Without question, our enjoyment - if not our whole world - as one would say, revolves around what we eat or our decision and anticipation of what we will eat. Yes, we all have been recipients of both the contentment and frustration our decisions have created. Truly, haven’t we all - at one time or another - considered refraining from Big Macs, pizza, french fries, pies, and desserts a stress in itself?

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